Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dell Inspiron DC power jack repair / replacement on the 6000, 1501, E1405, E1505, E1705, and 700m models

Most shops who repair laptop power problems seem to have one thing in common: they don't like to work with the Dell 9-pin configuration DC power jack models. Dell utilized a solder with a slight amount of silver to solder the DC jacks on the newer models such as the Dell Inspiron 700m, 6000, E1405, E1505, and E1705 laptops, presumably to make them less likely to have cold solder joints and have the jack come loose from the motherboard. The problem is without very good quality soldering equipment, these power connectors (jacks) are quite difficult to desolder from the motherboard without damaging the traces leading up to the DC jack. This means these Dell laptops are easily damaged during a DC jack repair attempt if care is not taken and the proper tools used!

At Comprehensive Computing, we have invested thousands of dollars in the right soldering equipment and to train our talented technicians as to the correct way to replace a defective DC power jack in Dell laptops as well as any other brand. If you own one of these laptops or any other Dell laptop and are experiencing power related problems such as an intermittent connection (having to hold the AC adapter plug in a certain direction to keep power and charge the battery) or no power at all, we can help.

Check out our Dell DC power jack repair page for more details on our power port replacement service for $99.

Gateway DC power jack repair part 2 -- more Gateway laptop power problems

We've identified another batch of similar Gateway laptop models with DC power jack repair issues. Power problems with these notebooks are the same as many of the other Gateways we've listed in another repair blog post. The DC connector (jack) breaks right at the intersection of the plastic housing on the back of the jack and the positive center pin coming through the back of the jack in about 85% of cases we see with intermittent power or no power in these models. Again, this is the same DC power jack used in most Gateway laptops and some other manufacturers such as Toshiba and HP. We replace this defective DC jack with a better DC jack made by a different manufacturer. This jack is the same size and pin configuration as the original power port, however the replacement jack it is not prone to be broken like the original jack. It will fit your AC adapter plug just the same as the original jack as well.

Here are some more model numbers of Gateway laptops with this particular jack:

3000 Series: MX3000, 3018GZ, 3040, 3040GZ, 3520, 3520GZ, 3522GZ, 3525GB, 3545GZ, 3550GZ, 3610GZ, MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h, MX3210, MX3212, MX3215, MX3225, MX3228, MX3558, MX3558h, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563h, MX3610

Other laptops: M210, M250, W322, W323, 7320, 7320GZ, M210, 7322, 7322GZ

For more information on our Gateway DC jack fix, visit

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Higher prices on computer repair in a bad economy?

With the condition of the economy, we understand that money is tight right now, especially when it comes to computer repair. This has made us even stronger in our resolve to keep our prices on computer repair as low as possible. Many people are finding wiser use of their finances to repair their laptops and desktop computers rather than purchase a new desktop or laptop simply because it's not feasible at this time. But what makes no sense is some repair shops are taking advantage of this knowledge by raising computer repair prices at a time when people can least afford it. At Comprehensive Computing, we will continue as always to offer the most affordable, consumer-aware repair pricing in the computer repair industry. We feel this is integral to being a good business member of our community. And as always, we appreciate our many loyal customers. Thanks for your business!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why choose us for laptop DC jack repair?

One question we are asked frequently is "Why would I choose Comprehensive Computing for my laptop DC power jack repair?" So, we thought we'd give you a few answers to this question. :-)

1. We offer very competent service for laptop DC power jack repair. Our technicians practice desoldering and soldering DC jacks and other components on many motherboards before they even touch a customer's laptop. They undergo a very thorough training and evaluation process. In all honesty, many have tried and many have failed to meet our laptop repair standards. We carefully screen applicants then make sure they are adequately educated in electronic component PC board repair before they begin work.

2. The price is right. After many months of market research, we feel our $99 price on laptop power connector repair is very fair and affordable to customers all over the country.

3. We enjoy interaction with our customers. Unlike a lot of companies on the Internet, we welcome phone calls from customers. We will take the time to discuss your laptop's needs and how we can help you. We promise to provide friendly and personal service to you throughout the laptop repair process.

4. We do more than just laptop DC power jack repair. We replace LCD screens, keyboards, fans, memory (RAM), inverters, motherboards, you name it. We've disassembled thousands of laptop computers, so we know them very well. That's a great advantage to you, because other DC jack repair companies will tell you straight-forwardly that they don't do anything else besides laptop power jack repair. If you have any other needs with your laptop, rest assured that we can help you with other repairs or upgrades your laptop may need.

5. We're fast. When you send your laptop in for DC power jack replacement, you can typically expect a 1 to 2 business day turnaround. While there are companies that will promise even same day repair service on your laptop, we prefer to be honest and up front to keep your expectations reasonable and accurate. Almost always we complete DC power jack repair on every laptop that comes in within 1 to 2 business days. It is very rare that a DC jack repair will go as long as 3 days after we receive a customer's laptop. Most laptops are repaired within 1 business day, however we would prefer to tell you 1 to 2 business days just to be honest and fair to you.

6. We back up our DC jack repair work with a lifetime warranty. This means if the repair wasn't absolutely perfect, we will fix it no matter how long it has been since your lapotp DC power jack was replaced by us.

7. Hundreds of small to medium computer repair shops trust us with their customers' laptops for repair. A very large portion of our business comes from other computer shops who prefer not to do their own laptop DC jack repairs on site. They ship their customers' laptops to us for our DC power connector replacement service many times over. If they trust our quality work, why wouldn't you?

In closing, there are many reasons Comprehensive Computing is your choice for laptop repair. We look forward to making you another happy customer. Feel free to call us at 276-964-2500 or email us at to speak with us anytime.


Broken Acer DC power pin

One thing that tends to happen with Acer laptop models including the Travelmate and Aspire series is the center pin in the DC power jack tends to break out of the jack itself. These laptops use a 1.65mm center pin DC power connector (jack), which are a bit more fragile and susceptible to damage than the larger 2.5mm DC jacks. Many times the pin will break and get stuck inside the plug of the AC power adapter.

If this has happened to your Acer Aspire or Travelmate laptop, we want to calm your fears. This type of breakage is no worse than the average broken DC power jack we see for our $99 laptop DC power jack repair service. We replace the entire jack when a notebook computer comes in for this repair, and since the center pin is part of the jack itself the laptop is good as new after the DC jack replacement. The center pin itself usually comes out of the adapter plug with no problem at all, and we don't charge extra to fix the plug.

Read more about our Acer DC power jack repair (as well as any other PC laptop brand) at our web site at for more details.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Canada laptop DC power jack repair

To answer a question we receive just about every day, yes we offer laptop DC power jack repair to customers in Canada at a very affordable price, $99 USD plus return shipping. Return shipping to Canada after laptop DC jack repair is typically around $50 USD through the US Postal Service.

If you choose to send your laptop for power port replacement, we ask that you send it via standard mail rather than FedEx or UPS due to their surcharges billed to us after we receive the laptop. The Postal Service does not charge this to us, which will keep your laptop repair cost down to a minimum.

So, if you've been told your laptop will need a new motherboard due to a broken or loose DC power jack, we can help. We've saved thousands of people the expense of replacing the motherboard through our power jack repair service. Visit our site at for more information on our DC jack replacement service.

England laptop DC power jack repair

We are starting to see many more laptops come in for our DC power jack repair service from the United Kingdom lately. Even in large cities such as London, there are not many service centers with technicians who will even touch a laptop with a broken or loose power socket.

Many people from England and other locations in the UK ask the same question: how expensive is it to ship my laptop to you for repair from Europe? Well, shipping your laptop for DC power connection repair is not nearly as expensive as most people would think. We use the US Postal Service for shipping to England, which usually costs less than $54 USD. Of course our DC power jack replacement itself is only $99 USD, making this fix a much more affordable option than having to replace the motherboard in your laptop. As always, we will replace the bad DC jack with a brand new power jack in your laptop and test it to make sure everything is working as it should.

If you are in need of DC jack / port repair for your laptop, just send us an email at and we'll help you get your laptop shipped in for guaranteed professional and personal service.

More information on our laptop power jack repair is located at

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Acer Aspire and Travelmate power jack repair

Acer utilizes a very fragile DC jack in most of their laptop models. This power jack has a 1.65mm center pin, which is much smaller in diameter than the usual 2.5mm pin in most DC power connectors. So, with the day-to-day wiggling of the power plug of the AC adapter, these DC jacks break or come loose from the motherboard very easily.

We have an increasing number of customers ask us if we can upgrade the jack in these Acer laptops to a larger jack. The answer is yes. We can solder a 2.5mm DC power jack in place of the smaller jack in these notebooks. Obviously a 2.5mm pin is not going to break as easily as a 1.65mm pin. The only drawback is if we replace your DC jack with a different jack, your AC power adapter will not fit without replacing the plug with the correct size power plug.

Whether you decide to have the jack replaced with the standard 1.65mm Acer power jack or the larger 2.5mm DC jack, we have a solution for you. Check out our $99 DC power jack repair service for more details.

Laptop will not charge battery -- why?

Laptops begin showing battery charging problems for a few reasons. Of course the number one reason we see laptops that won't charge the battery is due to a broken or loose DC power jack. If the laptop can't receive power from the AC adapter properly, it cannot charge the battery at all or will only charge intermittently. In these cases, our $99 DC jack replacement will fix the problem and allow the notebook to properly charge the battery.

Occasionally there is a problem with the charging circuit on the motherboard that is unrelated to the DC jack itself. This is a rare problem, however it does happen from time to time. These types of problems can be a lot of trouble to trace down.

Another reason for battery charging issues is the AC adapter (charger) itself. This is more common in many of the Dell laptops that utilize the larger barrel power plug. They have a 19 volt circuit as well as a 3.5 volt data circuit. A multitude of problems with these power adapters will prohibit the laptop from charging the battery. Also, we see many HP, Gateway, Comaq, Acer, Averatec and Toshiba laptops come in with dead power adapters and often have problems with the DC jack as well requiring repair.

A third reason laptops can't charge batteries is actually a dead battery. Sometimes the battery simply needs to be replaced. If a laptop's battery sits completely discharged for a long period of time, it may not ever be charged again. This is particulary true for many of the Toshiba and HP laptop batteries from a couple of years ago. Again, defective laptop batteries can be a side effect of a problem with the power adapter or a bad DC power jack. If you purchase another battery for your laptop and find that it is still not charging, your laptop likely has a bad DC connector or AC power adapter.

Feel free to contact us regarding your laptop power problems. We have a very quick turnaround and low price on DC jack replacement and other repair options.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gateway W323 DC power jack board short repair problem

Recently we have had more and more issues with the Gateway W323 laptops that utilize a small DC jack power board (daughter board if you will) that attaches with a wire harness to the motherboard. The problem we're seeing typically occurs when someone attempts to repair or replace the DC power jack by applying too much heat during the soldering or desoldering of the jack. There is not much insulation between the positive (voltage) and negative (ground) circuits on this board, so it doesn't take much burn damage to cause a permanent short circuit on the DC power board.

The DC input board on these models is very fragile and prone to such issues, so care must be taken not to inflict additional damage during repair attempts. A basic Radio Shack soldering iron is NOT acceptable for DC jack repair on these W323 models. Comprehensive Computing has state-of-the-art soldering equipment and laptop repair technicians skilled in DC power jack replacement. We will take extra care with your laptop and provide professional service just as with any other model laptop we see for DC jack repair.

Please note this also affects the Gateway W322 laptop models as well.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bad power connector can damage your AC power adapter!

Every so many laptops we see come in for dc jack repair also come with another problem. The AC power adapter (charger) is also dead. Why does this happen? When the positive center pin of the DC jack is loose on the motherboard, the laptop will try to pull power faster from the power adapter than it should. When a laptop tries to pull excess current from a power adapter rated for 3.42 Amperes (amps), something has to give. Think of it as trying to sip through a very narrow straw. You have to work harder to get what you need. Basically it's the same type of problem. A poor connection between the adapter plug and the power jack will generate heat and even melt the power plug. Yes, we've actually seen the power plug get so hot that it melted!

We keep plenty of replacement power adapters in stock for such occasions. If you need an adapter when we perform DC jack repair on your laptop, just let us know and we'll send one right along with your laptop when the repair is complete.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HP Pavilion ZE series laptop DC power jack repair

The older HP Pavilion ZE series laptops are, in our opinion, the most solid laptops of all time. Of course, like any laptop, they do come in quite often for DC power jack repair. From our experience with the hundreds of these laptop models, however, they have a nearly 100 percent success rate with power connector replacement in our repair facility. Outside of needing to replace the DC jack, the ZE series laptops rarely have any other major repair issues.

The DC power jack used in these HP laptops is a small non-sheilded power port with three contacts: the positive (voltage), negative (ground) and a switch that tells the laptop that the adapter plug has been plugged in to the jack itself. The power jack is not reinforced, so it tends to break or come loose somewhat easily. This, of course, will lead to a dead laptop with no power whatsoever, a laptop with intermittent power and/or a laptop that will not charge the battery.

The good news is we keep plenty of DC jacks on hand for these HP and all other models of laptops out there. DC jack repair is $99 plus return shipping at Comprehensive Computing, and we turn this repair around in 1 to 2 business days.

Some of the ZE series laptops we consider to be overall solid laptop models are:

ze4201, ze4202s, ze4204s, ze4206s, ze4207, ze4208s, ze4208s, ze4209, ze4210, ze4211, ze4219, ze4219, ze4220, ze4221, ze4222, ze4229, ze4230, ze4231, ze4232s, ZE4239, ze4240, ze4241, ze4251, ze4261, ze4268, ze4271, ze4274s, ze4278, ze4281, ze4282, ze4284, ze4288, ze4292, ze4294, ze4294, ze4298, ze4305EA, ze4307LA, ze4308EA, ze4310, ze4311, ze4312, ze4313, ze4314, ze4315, ze4315ca, ze4316, ze4317, ze4318, ze4319, ze4320, ze4321, ze4323EA, ze4325ca, ze4325EA, ze4335us, ze4345EA, ze4347EA, ze4348EA, ze4351EA, ze4367EA, ze4375EA, ze4385EA, ze4386EA, ze5207, ze5217, ze5228, ze5232, ze5232, ze5236, ze5238, ze5238, ze5240, ze5242, ze5244, ze5250, ze5252, ze5258, ze5262, ze5270, ze5279, ze5307LA, ze5315EA, ze5315EA, ze5320AP, ze5320EA, ze5325EA, ze5343EA, ze5344EA, ze5345EA, ze5345US, ze5354EA, ze5357LA, ze5360EA, ze5362EA, ze5365us, ze5375us, ze5385ca, ze5385us, ze5395us


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dell Inspiron B120, B130, 1000, 1200 and 1200 DC power jack repair

Although it's been a few years since these models came out, these Dell Inspiron laptop models (the 1000, 1200, 2200, B120 and B130) are still among the least problematic Dell laptops out there as far as repair goes. Of course, this is with the exception of one problem: the DC power jack, which does tend to break somewhat easily. So, we see quite a few of these Dell laptops in our shop for DC power jack repair.

In later models, Dell used a 9-point "double barrel" DC jack, however these models have a more standard design with a 2.5mm DC power jack. The good news is that a more simple design usually means fewer complications resulting from DC jack problems. Overall, Comprehensive Computing has a DC jack repair success rate of approximately 95.2% in the last couple of years. Our success rate of replacing the power port in the 1000, 1200, 2200, B120 and B130 Dell Inspiron laptop models is among the highest of any models we see at 98.9% successful!

So, if you own one of these particular Dell laptops and find yourself with DC power input problems, rest assured it's worth the $99 plus return shipping for our DC jack repair service. Your laptop will be powering up properly within 1 to 2 business days after we receive it for DC jack repair!

To find out more about our DC jack repair service, visit

Gateway MA3 and MA7 DC Jack Repair

Gateway MA3 and MA7 model owners, we see many of your laptop models for our DC jack repair service. The MA3 and MA7 models are the most common Gateway laptops that come in for DC jack repair. The DC power jack appears to have come from a bad die (see our blog for more details on this at, so we replace this jack with a DC jack made by a different manufacturer when one comes in for power jack repair.

These are very nice, but simple laptops made by Gateway. The motherboard is typically very solid with the exception of this fautly DC connector. Your MA3 or MA7 is in good hands with our laptop DC jack repair technicians at Comprehensive Computing and will be good as new after DC jack replacement! If you are in need of our power connector repair service, click here.


Gateway MA7, MA3, MA2 and MA2A DC power jack repair

We see many Gateway laptops here for our DC jack repair service, and we're beginning to wonder about a problem with the DC jack (power port) that was factory-installed in the Gateway MA2, MA2A, MA3 and MA7 laptop models. This jack tends to break right at the same juncture: the intersection between the back plastic wall of the DC jack and the positive terminal coming from the back where the jack is soldered into the laptop's motherboard. Other DC jack types tend to come in to our repair center broken in a variety of ways. This jack, however, is almost always cracked or broken right in the same place. This leads us to believe that this DC jack was possibly defective right from the die in which it was created. (We will note that Gateway was not at fault. They, along with HP, Compaq and Toshiba, purchased this DC jack from a 3rd party vendor.)

How do we fix this situation? When we get one of these Gateway laptops in for DC jack repair, we replace the defective DC jack with a new jack from a different manufacturer. This replacement power socket is much stronger than the original and not as likely to break as the original jack. It will still fit the power adapter just the same as the original jack, as it has the same center pin size and barrel diameter as the original DC jack.

By avoiding the problems associated with this defective DC jack in the first place, we significantly reduce the likelihood that your Gateway MA2, MA2A, MA3 and MA7 series laptop will be back for DC jack repair in the future.

Here are a few of the Gateway laptop models affected by this DC power jack problem:

6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023G, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP, 6531GZ, MT3104b, MT3110c,
MT3111c, MT3112c, MT3303j, MT3304j, MT3305j, MT3421, MT3422, MT3423, MT3707, MT3708, MT3710c, MT3711c, MT3712b,
MT6015j, MT6016j, MT6221j, MT6224j, MT6225j, MT6228j, MT6229j, MT6451, MT6452, MT6456, MT6458, MT6459, MT6460,
MT6704, MT6704H, MT6705, MT6706, MT6707, MT6708, MT6709, MT6709H, MT6710, MT6711, MT6722b, MT6723, MT6724b, MT6821,
MT6823b, MT6824b, MT6825b, MT6826j, MT6827j, MT6828, MT6828H, MT6830, MT6831, MT6833b, MT6834b, MT6835j, MT6836j,
MT6838j, MT6839b, MT6840, MT6841, MT6842b, MT6915b, MT6916, MT6917b, MT6919, MT6920, MX6025, MX6025H, MX6027,
MX6027H, MX6028, MX6030, MX6121, MX6123, MX6124, MX6124H, MX6128, MX6135, MX6420, MX6421, MX6423, MX6424, MX6424H,
MX6425, MX6428, MX6436, MX6437, MX6438, MX6440, MX6440H, MX6442, MX6450, MX6455, MX6625, MX6627, MX6627H, MX6629,
MX6629H, MX6631, MX6633, MX6633H, MX6640B, MX6650, MX6650H, MX6708, MX6708H, MX6710, MX6750, MX6912, MX6951, MX6951H


Toshiba Satellite A75 DC jack repair

What is the most common Toshiba laptop we see for DC jack repair? You guessed it. It's the Toshiba Satellite A75. It uses the same defective DC power jack that many of the Gateway and HP laptops use that appear to have come from a bad die in the manufacturing process. So, many owners have an intermittent power connection or even no power at all due to the broken DC jack. We replace this DC jack with a power connector made by a different manufacturer. Again, this new DC jack is much stronger than the original jack but is the same 4 pin configuration with the same barrel and center pin size so that it will fit the power adapter plug just the same as the original jack did.

Most people with power problems related to a broken or loose DC power jack on a Toshiba A75 have read many pages on the Internet regarding the frequency of these DC jack issues, so this is not likely to be news. Comprehensive Computing offers a fix for this problem: our $99 laptop DC power jack repair service! We'll repair your Toshiba Satellite A75 series laptop by replacing the DC jack, which will save you from having to replace the motherboard, for only $99 plus return shipping. To read more about our DC jack repair service, click here.


Compaq Presario 2100, 2200 and 2500 laptop power DC jack repair

The Compaq Presario 2100, 2200 and 2500 model laptops are very common DC power jack repair candidates in our shop. The motherboard is basically the same as many of the HP ZE series laptops and is considered one of the most solid motherboards in any laptop we see. The big flaw in the Compaq 2100, 2200 and 2500 laptops, however, is they use one of the weakest DC jacks in existence. Plus, there's no aluminum shield on the power jack itself, so the jack is held in place only by the 3 contacts soldered onto the motherboard. Thus, many of these end up with a broken or loose DC jack and come in for DC jack repair.

These laptops are definitely, in the author's opinion, worth having the DC jack replaced because of the fact that there are very few other problems that tend to come up with these Compaqs. So, if you own one of the Presario 2100, 2200 or 2500laptops and are experiencing power problems due to a bad DC connector, our $99 DC jack repair service will have you enjoying your laptop for years to come!

Find out more about Comprehensive Computing's DC jack repair service.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Averatec 3200 and 3250 laptop DC power jack repair

We get many calls regarding the Averatec 3200 and 3250 series laptops. Yes, we do our DC jack repair on these models. Apparently many repair shops are turning away these laptops for some reason. We are an authorized Averatec repair center, and we do offer the DC jack repair service on these laptops as well as any other repair we offer.

On the 3200 and 3250 Averatec models, the DC power jack is situated on a separate power board rather than on the motherboard itself. There is a cable attaching the DC power board to the motherboard. Every once in a while the DC power board sustains burn damage when the jack breaks. This board is small and fragile. In the event that a simple DC jack repair is complicated by damage to this board, we do have these boards available to us. Either way, we see an extremely high success rate with DC jack repair on these Averatec laptop models.

Find out more about our DC jack repair service.

HP ZD7000 laptop DC jack repair issue -- motherboard damage

The HP ZD7000 series of laptops are, in our opinion, among the best of HP's creations. This laptop has a full 17 inch LCD as well as the extended numeric keypad keyboard. Typically a DC power jack repair on this model goes smoothly without incident. On some of these laptops we have received, however, the motherboard will sustain some burn damage right at intersection of the motherboard and the positive terminal of the DC jack itself. In some cases the motherboard will burn through its own insulation between the positive and ground circuits and cause a short. The good news is that we can almost always repair this problem while we replace the DC jack in this laptop. It takes a little improvisation, but we have a fix for this problem. And, it won't cost you a penny more than the standard $99 we charge for our DC power jack repair service.

Find out more on our web site at

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gas prices? What about COMPUTER REPAIR prices?

Now let us preface this post with this: each business is entitled to price its own products and services at will. After all, this is one of the beautiful things about doing business in America, right? But, it seems that lately the prices of computer repair have gotten out of hand almost as badly as fuel prices.

In one example, one of the local shops in our area charges an astounding $199 to reinstall your Windows operating system on your computer. No, this doesn't include the price of the Windows disc itself. This is for labor only. Their work may very well be as good as our own, but we charge $70 for this very same service. With the rising cost of gas and food, the average American is already feeling the budget pinch. So, many people are finding themselves priced out of owning a decent working computer when they opt to feed their families or buy gas for their commute to work rather than give in to these shops charging 2 to 3 times more than repair services would seem to be worth.

It is our commitment at Comprehensive Computing to keep our prices as low as possible. Sure, we have bills to pay just like any other business. But we feel that by continuing to offer you the most professional service at fair working class prices we are not only able to meet your computer repair needs, but we are also doing our best to be good citizens by not gouging prices. You will always get our bottom price on anything we do for you at Comprehensive Computing. That's a promise. :-)

You can check out our prices for computer repair services at

Sunday, April 27, 2008

DC jack repair turnaround time

The most common question we are asked is regarding our turnaround time on DC jack repair. We turn this repair around in 1 or 2 business days (Monday through Saturday). Not knocking our competitors, but we do see a lot of false advertising saying "same day service" on DC jack repair. Once you visit their sites, however, they contradict that advertisement by saying your laptop would be fixed in 1 to 3 days. Of course it is appealing to have someone tell you they can give you same day service, but we'd rather be completely up front and tell you about our 1 to 2 day turnaround. That way we avoid false expectations and give you exactly what you are paying for. Check out our DC power jack repair service at

Sunday, March 30, 2008

HP ZV5000 and ZX5000 and Compaq R3000 power problems

We've read a few articles and heard many people talk about motherboard problems with the HP Pavilion ZV5000 and ZX5000 series laptops and the Compaq Presario R3000 series laptops. Over the past couple of years we have seen many of these laptops in our service center for DC jack repair. About 20% of them have had a particular issue that relates to the original broken DC jack problem. The good news is that we have diagnosed and developed a fix for this very small problem. As of today (March 30, 2008), we have a 99.1% success rate combined when it comes to power repair on these 3 models.

This is an example of how having a background in electronic repair as well as computer knowledge benefits us when it comes to your laptop repair. As always, Comprehensive Computing will continue to work to find solutions to common problems affecting the more popular laptop models in circulation. At present, we have invented more than 30 fixes for problems other repair shops turn away. This means we don't simply replace the DC power jack in your laptop, but we have the ability to test the major power circuits and repair common problems that arise and complicate an otherwise routine DC jack repair. That's where the word "comprehensive" comes into our name.

If you are experiencing DC jack or other power problems with your ZV5000, ZX5000, R3000 or any other model laptop, we've got it covered. Check out our DC jack repair service at