Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bad power connector can damage your AC power adapter!

Every so many laptops we see come in for dc jack repair also come with another problem. The AC power adapter (charger) is also dead. Why does this happen? When the positive center pin of the DC jack is loose on the motherboard, the laptop will try to pull power faster from the power adapter than it should. When a laptop tries to pull excess current from a power adapter rated for 3.42 Amperes (amps), something has to give. Think of it as trying to sip through a very narrow straw. You have to work harder to get what you need. Basically it's the same type of problem. A poor connection between the adapter plug and the power jack will generate heat and even melt the power plug. Yes, we've actually seen the power plug get so hot that it melted!

We keep plenty of replacement power adapters in stock for such occasions. If you need an adapter when we perform DC jack repair on your laptop, just let us know and we'll send one right along with your laptop when the repair is complete.

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