Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bad motherboard capacitors -- recap repair on desktop boards!

On many desktop computer motherboards the capacitors bulge or leak. When this happens, the power supply cannot provide consistent voltage to the motherboard. Symptoms of bad capacitors on a motherboard include:

  • No power to computer or intermittent loss of power
  • Computer restarts
  • Memory errors
  • Instability in performance

This happens due to low quality capacitors installed on the motherboard at the factory. Sometimes a bad power surge can damage capacitors as well.

We have a 97.2% success rate in recapping these desktop motherboards, replacing bad caps with high-quality ultra low ESR Rubycon capacitors. We do this for a low price of $69 when you send the motherboard only for repair. Call us at 276-964-2500 or email info@comprehensivecomputing.net for more information about our motherboard capacitor repair service.

Our page on motherboard capacitor replacement/repair is http://comprehensivecomputing.net/motherboard_capacitor_repair_recap.htm