Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HP Pavilion ZE series laptop DC power jack repair

The older HP Pavilion ZE series laptops are, in our opinion, the most solid laptops of all time. Of course, like any laptop, they do come in quite often for DC power jack repair. From our experience with the hundreds of these laptop models, however, they have a nearly 100 percent success rate with power connector replacement in our repair facility. Outside of needing to replace the DC jack, the ZE series laptops rarely have any other major repair issues.

The DC power jack used in these HP laptops is a small non-sheilded power port with three contacts: the positive (voltage), negative (ground) and a switch that tells the laptop that the adapter plug has been plugged in to the jack itself. The power jack is not reinforced, so it tends to break or come loose somewhat easily. This, of course, will lead to a dead laptop with no power whatsoever, a laptop with intermittent power and/or a laptop that will not charge the battery.

The good news is we keep plenty of DC jacks on hand for these HP and all other models of laptops out there. DC jack repair is $99 plus return shipping at Comprehensive Computing, and we turn this repair around in 1 to 2 business days.

Some of the ZE series laptops we consider to be overall solid laptop models are:

ze4201, ze4202s, ze4204s, ze4206s, ze4207, ze4208s, ze4208s, ze4209, ze4210, ze4211, ze4219, ze4219, ze4220, ze4221, ze4222, ze4229, ze4230, ze4231, ze4232s, ZE4239, ze4240, ze4241, ze4251, ze4261, ze4268, ze4271, ze4274s, ze4278, ze4281, ze4282, ze4284, ze4288, ze4292, ze4294, ze4294, ze4298, ze4305EA, ze4307LA, ze4308EA, ze4310, ze4311, ze4312, ze4313, ze4314, ze4315, ze4315ca, ze4316, ze4317, ze4318, ze4319, ze4320, ze4321, ze4323EA, ze4325ca, ze4325EA, ze4335us, ze4345EA, ze4347EA, ze4348EA, ze4351EA, ze4367EA, ze4375EA, ze4385EA, ze4386EA, ze5207, ze5217, ze5228, ze5232, ze5232, ze5236, ze5238, ze5238, ze5240, ze5242, ze5244, ze5250, ze5252, ze5258, ze5262, ze5270, ze5279, ze5307LA, ze5315EA, ze5315EA, ze5320AP, ze5320EA, ze5325EA, ze5343EA, ze5344EA, ze5345EA, ze5345US, ze5354EA, ze5357LA, ze5360EA, ze5362EA, ze5365us, ze5375us, ze5385ca, ze5385us, ze5395us


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