Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gateway W323 DC power jack board short repair problem

Recently we have had more and more issues with the Gateway W323 laptops that utilize a small DC jack power board (daughter board if you will) that attaches with a wire harness to the motherboard. The problem we're seeing typically occurs when someone attempts to repair or replace the DC power jack by applying too much heat during the soldering or desoldering of the jack. There is not much insulation between the positive (voltage) and negative (ground) circuits on this board, so it doesn't take much burn damage to cause a permanent short circuit on the DC power board.

The DC input board on these models is very fragile and prone to such issues, so care must be taken not to inflict additional damage during repair attempts. A basic Radio Shack soldering iron is NOT acceptable for DC jack repair on these W323 models. Comprehensive Computing has state-of-the-art soldering equipment and laptop repair technicians skilled in DC power jack replacement. We will take extra care with your laptop and provide professional service just as with any other model laptop we see for DC jack repair.

Please note this also affects the Gateway W322 laptop models as well.


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