Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laptop will not charge battery -- why?

Laptops begin showing battery charging problems for a few reasons. Of course the number one reason we see laptops that won't charge the battery is due to a broken or loose DC power jack. If the laptop can't receive power from the AC adapter properly, it cannot charge the battery at all or will only charge intermittently. In these cases, our $99 DC jack replacement will fix the problem and allow the notebook to properly charge the battery.

Occasionally there is a problem with the charging circuit on the motherboard that is unrelated to the DC jack itself. This is a rare problem, however it does happen from time to time. These types of problems can be a lot of trouble to trace down.

Another reason for battery charging issues is the AC adapter (charger) itself. This is more common in many of the Dell laptops that utilize the larger barrel power plug. They have a 19 volt circuit as well as a 3.5 volt data circuit. A multitude of problems with these power adapters will prohibit the laptop from charging the battery. Also, we see many HP, Gateway, Comaq, Acer, Averatec and Toshiba laptops come in with dead power adapters and often have problems with the DC jack as well requiring repair.

A third reason laptops can't charge batteries is actually a dead battery. Sometimes the battery simply needs to be replaced. If a laptop's battery sits completely discharged for a long period of time, it may not ever be charged again. This is particulary true for many of the Toshiba and HP laptop batteries from a couple of years ago. Again, defective laptop batteries can be a side effect of a problem with the power adapter or a bad DC power jack. If you purchase another battery for your laptop and find that it is still not charging, your laptop likely has a bad DC connector or AC power adapter.

Feel free to contact us regarding your laptop power problems. We have a very quick turnaround and low price on DC jack replacement and other repair options.


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