Sunday, September 14, 2008

Acer Aspire and Travelmate power jack repair

Acer utilizes a very fragile DC jack in most of their laptop models. This power jack has a 1.65mm center pin, which is much smaller in diameter than the usual 2.5mm pin in most DC power connectors. So, with the day-to-day wiggling of the power plug of the AC adapter, these DC jacks break or come loose from the motherboard very easily.

We have an increasing number of customers ask us if we can upgrade the jack in these Acer laptops to a larger jack. The answer is yes. We can solder a 2.5mm DC power jack in place of the smaller jack in these notebooks. Obviously a 2.5mm pin is not going to break as easily as a 1.65mm pin. The only drawback is if we replace your DC jack with a different jack, your AC power adapter will not fit without replacing the plug with the correct size power plug.

Whether you decide to have the jack replaced with the standard 1.65mm Acer power jack or the larger 2.5mm DC jack, we have a solution for you. Check out our $99 DC power jack repair service for more details.

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