Sunday, September 28, 2008

Broken Acer DC power pin

One thing that tends to happen with Acer laptop models including the Travelmate and Aspire series is the center pin in the DC power jack tends to break out of the jack itself. These laptops use a 1.65mm center pin DC power connector (jack), which are a bit more fragile and susceptible to damage than the larger 2.5mm DC jacks. Many times the pin will break and get stuck inside the plug of the AC power adapter.

If this has happened to your Acer Aspire or Travelmate laptop, we want to calm your fears. This type of breakage is no worse than the average broken DC power jack we see for our $99 laptop DC power jack repair service. We replace the entire jack when a notebook computer comes in for this repair, and since the center pin is part of the jack itself the laptop is good as new after the DC jack replacement. The center pin itself usually comes out of the adapter plug with no problem at all, and we don't charge extra to fix the plug.

Read more about our Acer DC power jack repair (as well as any other PC laptop brand) at our web site at for more details.

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