Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why choose us for laptop DC jack repair?

One question we are asked frequently is "Why would I choose Comprehensive Computing for my laptop DC power jack repair?" So, we thought we'd give you a few answers to this question. :-)

1. We offer very competent service for laptop DC power jack repair. Our technicians practice desoldering and soldering DC jacks and other components on many motherboards before they even touch a customer's laptop. They undergo a very thorough training and evaluation process. In all honesty, many have tried and many have failed to meet our laptop repair standards. We carefully screen applicants then make sure they are adequately educated in electronic component PC board repair before they begin work.

2. The price is right. After many months of market research, we feel our $99 price on laptop power connector repair is very fair and affordable to customers all over the country.

3. We enjoy interaction with our customers. Unlike a lot of companies on the Internet, we welcome phone calls from customers. We will take the time to discuss your laptop's needs and how we can help you. We promise to provide friendly and personal service to you throughout the laptop repair process.

4. We do more than just laptop DC power jack repair. We replace LCD screens, keyboards, fans, memory (RAM), inverters, motherboards, you name it. We've disassembled thousands of laptop computers, so we know them very well. That's a great advantage to you, because other DC jack repair companies will tell you straight-forwardly that they don't do anything else besides laptop power jack repair. If you have any other needs with your laptop, rest assured that we can help you with other repairs or upgrades your laptop may need.

5. We're fast. When you send your laptop in for DC power jack replacement, you can typically expect a 1 to 2 business day turnaround. While there are companies that will promise even same day repair service on your laptop, we prefer to be honest and up front to keep your expectations reasonable and accurate. Almost always we complete DC power jack repair on every laptop that comes in within 1 to 2 business days. It is very rare that a DC jack repair will go as long as 3 days after we receive a customer's laptop. Most laptops are repaired within 1 business day, however we would prefer to tell you 1 to 2 business days just to be honest and fair to you.

6. We back up our DC jack repair work with a lifetime warranty. This means if the repair wasn't absolutely perfect, we will fix it no matter how long it has been since your lapotp DC power jack was replaced by us.

7. Hundreds of small to medium computer repair shops trust us with their customers' laptops for repair. A very large portion of our business comes from other computer shops who prefer not to do their own laptop DC jack repairs on site. They ship their customers' laptops to us for our DC power connector replacement service many times over. If they trust our quality work, why wouldn't you?

In closing, there are many reasons Comprehensive Computing is your choice for laptop repair. We look forward to making you another happy customer. Feel free to call us at 276-964-2500 or email us at to speak with us anytime.


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