Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gateway MA3 and MA7 DC Jack Repair

Gateway MA3 and MA7 model owners, we see many of your laptop models for our DC jack repair service. The MA3 and MA7 models are the most common Gateway laptops that come in for DC jack repair. The DC power jack appears to have come from a bad die (see our blog for more details on this at, so we replace this jack with a DC jack made by a different manufacturer when one comes in for power jack repair.

These are very nice, but simple laptops made by Gateway. The motherboard is typically very solid with the exception of this fautly DC connector. Your MA3 or MA7 is in good hands with our laptop DC jack repair technicians at Comprehensive Computing and will be good as new after DC jack replacement! If you are in need of our power connector repair service, click here.


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