Thursday, July 31, 2008

Averatec 3200 and 3250 laptop DC power jack repair

We get many calls regarding the Averatec 3200 and 3250 series laptops. Yes, we do our DC jack repair on these models. Apparently many repair shops are turning away these laptops for some reason. We are an authorized Averatec repair center, and we do offer the DC jack repair service on these laptops as well as any other repair we offer.

On the 3200 and 3250 Averatec models, the DC power jack is situated on a separate power board rather than on the motherboard itself. There is a cable attaching the DC power board to the motherboard. Every once in a while the DC power board sustains burn damage when the jack breaks. This board is small and fragile. In the event that a simple DC jack repair is complicated by damage to this board, we do have these boards available to us. Either way, we see an extremely high success rate with DC jack repair on these Averatec laptop models.

Find out more about our DC jack repair service.

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