Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gas prices? What about COMPUTER REPAIR prices?

Now let us preface this post with this: each business is entitled to price its own products and services at will. After all, this is one of the beautiful things about doing business in America, right? But, it seems that lately the prices of computer repair have gotten out of hand almost as badly as fuel prices.

In one example, one of the local shops in our area charges an astounding $199 to reinstall your Windows operating system on your computer. No, this doesn't include the price of the Windows disc itself. This is for labor only. Their work may very well be as good as our own, but we charge $70 for this very same service. With the rising cost of gas and food, the average American is already feeling the budget pinch. So, many people are finding themselves priced out of owning a decent working computer when they opt to feed their families or buy gas for their commute to work rather than give in to these shops charging 2 to 3 times more than repair services would seem to be worth.

It is our commitment at Comprehensive Computing to keep our prices as low as possible. Sure, we have bills to pay just like any other business. But we feel that by continuing to offer you the most professional service at fair working class prices we are not only able to meet your computer repair needs, but we are also doing our best to be good citizens by not gouging prices. You will always get our bottom price on anything we do for you at Comprehensive Computing. That's a promise. :-)

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