Sunday, June 10, 2007

Laptop DC power jack repair

Repairing (more accurately stated, replacement) of the DC power jack in laptops is our specialty service. Yes, we perform all types of repairs on desktops and laptops alike, but this one is what gained national attention for us. When we started doing this, there were very few shops in the nation who could offer laptop power jack repair. The manufacturers? Well, they were nice enough to offer to replace the customer's motherboard for $300 to $700. How nice. Of course they kept the old motherboard and simply replace the power jack (and call it refurbished) keeping it around until the next unlucky owner of that laptop model sends his or her computer in for the same board replacement.

We offer this repair for less than anyone else with our experience in the field. $99. Yep, less than one hundred buckaroos is all it costs to get the jack replaced in your laptop. Here's a link to our laptop power jack replacement information on our web site: with more detailed information at

So if you find yourself wiggling the power cord to try to get your laptop to stay on or if your notebook won't power on or charge the battery, you might want to give us a call. We'll treat you the way a customer should be treated -- with integrity and hospitality. And, we'll save you some money, too.

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