Sunday, June 10, 2007

First post

Every blog has to have a first post, so ours will be of an introductory nature. We're Comprehensive Computing, a computer repair center located in Southwest Virginia. Our web site is at if you'd like to check it out.

We actually serve more out-of-state customers than even in our local area, as people from all over the country send their laptops to us to perform various repair jobs. Honestly we never expected this to happen, but it's very cool to say the least. It changed the whole ball game as far as marketing and even customer service.

So our customers were no longer limited to a local scope. We were repairing computers from just about everywhere in the United States. Then, as our business philosophies continued to evolve with our ever-changing business itself, a new element was added. Outsourcing. Small to medium repair shops began to call us about outsourcing their laptop repair jobs to us. Wow! This went from "cool" to "exciting" for us.

This is how we've become one of the major players in national laptop computer repair service. We're thankful to our customers from all over. We're grateful to our outsource partners who trust us with their customers' satisfaction. Most of all, we appreciate the opportunities God has placed in this business.

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