Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gateway MA8 Laptop DC Power Jack Repair (Replacement)

Gateway MA8 Laptop DC Power Jack Repair (Replacement)

Now that they're coming off warranty, the Gateway MA8 laptop models are starting to come in more frequently for our $99 DC jack repair. These laptops were built with the same DC power jack the MA2, MA3 and MA7 models have. This jack came from a defective die and must be replaced with the DC jacks we keep in stock for these laptops.

Some of the Gateway MA8 models affected by this defective DC jack problem are:

MT6000, MT6017, MT6400, MT6451, MT6452, MT6456, MT6457, MT6458, MT6459, MT6460, MT6700, MT6704, MT6705, MT6706, MT6707, MT6708, MT6709, MT6723, MT6728, MT6729, MT6730, MT6900, MT6916, MT6919 and MT6920.

If your Gateway MA8 laptop is exhibiting symptoms of a broken or loose DC power jack, click here to get started with Comprehensive Computing's $99 DC power jack repair.

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